I'm So So Tired...... is a lower vibrating feeling

I’m Tired. So So tired. I’m tired of people asking me, “What’s next for your business?” “ Are you going to write another book?” I’m tired of other Light Workers telling me there’s something else waiting for me beyond Reiki, If I will just allow, it to come all in Divine Timing. This has also shown up in Tarot Card readings, which at the present moment is a little irritating.

Perhaps I have become way too comfortable with Reiki, and I don’t want to leave the comfort of my “Reiki cocoon”. I’m resistant to the expansiveness—while craving that same expansiveness at the same time. What I’m most tired of is Creating. OUCH. To read those words I just wrote stings a little. I think the biggest reason I’m most tired of Creating is because I’m spending my time and energy doing LOW VIBE stuff. Stuff that’s NOT in alignment with my Being.

Things I feel an almost sense of obligation to rather than what “Feels Good.” It doesn’t help that Society and family instill in us, You can’t always do what “Feels Good.” This my friends, is total CRAP! In this moment, being a Light Worker, and embracing it more and more each day of what it means, anyone that tells me "You can’t always do what Feels Good,” well those people can take a hike.

I’m tired. It’s that simple. My body feels it. My mind feels it. My Soul even feels it. It’s a low vibrating energetic vortex, that if I don’t find my way out soon—I’ll be completely drained of that High Vibrating energy. I feel resistance too. I’m sure I know exactly where this resistance is coming from. However, I spend more time choosing the resistance than choosing to do what feels light. As an Empath and Light Worker, this is a big deal. This is a big deal because it doesn’t leave much room for much else. If you’re an Empath, what you know most is that you have to Recharge that Empath Battery. What does that mean? Self Care. Lots of Self Care!

Eventually I’ll be cutting out what no longer serves me. People that no longer serve me. Things and people that are no longer a contribution to my Highest & Greatest Good to my energetic space. Cutting the cords with people or things that no longer serve you isn’t a bad thing. It’s nothing personal. This also means leaving the past IN THE PAST! It also means, acknowledging the past made you who you are today but it does not DEFINE who you are today. The past is simple, but as Human Beings we have to make it all so damn complicated. The past is not longer a contribution to my well-being or my Highest and Greatest Good. What I think about manifests and when I think about the Past and spend my energy focused in on the past and what is blocking me because of the Past—well all those Lower Vibrations manifest. Things that no longer serve me.

So I’ll leave you with this thought: Envision and spend your energy thinking about what vibrations you DO want in your energetic space. Make it a habit to think about this more than once daily, and focus on this. Create a visual if you need to. Focusing in on this will leave you with more Higher Vibrations than those Lower ones.

And So it is.

Carmen Shields