Just Create! Creating through the Grief Wilderness


About the Book

Navigating through the Grief Wilderness can become a wilderness of uncertainty, uncharted territory, pain, anger and frustration. Just Create! Create something. Anything your heart desires! A brand new you. Write. Sing. Dance. Draw. Take a class. Connect with your tribe of 5 people who will always be cheering you on. Those people who will love you unconditionally and kick you in the butt when needed. Create! When no one is looking. Create! When your heart is heavy and you feel no one is listening. Dig deep! Challenge yourself when you feel that spark of inspiration. Reconnect with that part of yourself you felt was dormant while navigating through the Grief Wilderness. Reignite with that spark and set it on fire!

This book is to inspire others with the desire in their heart to take that leap of faith; to trust their own intuition, even when the Ego is so loud they are not listening. This book was written for those who have a deep desire in their heart to recreate them SELVES. This is a book created for the people to be inspired to Create through navigating the Grief Wilderness. This book is for people who feel stuck in the deep dark grief wilderness. This is a book just for them!