During my session with Carmen, it was complete bliss! I was able to let go of all my stress and relax. It was peaceful and recharging at the same time. Near the end of our session, she was down at my feet and I felt this energy boost all the way up into my shoulders!! It was incredible. I feel like her hands are pure magic. I would recommend anyone to experience Reiki with Carmen, especially if you are looking to relieve stress and anxiety.
— Sara Ann
In my Reiki session with Carmen,
I quickly noticed that the noise in my mind was quiet and that my body felt light, calm, and nurtured.
I felt energetic knots in my body smooth out,
and the treatment left me more clear minded and open.
— Anella Wetter
My session with Carmen was very soothing.
I definately recommend her to
anyone seeking a great Reiki experience.
— Cecilia Acuna
Amazing first Reiki session. Carmen was very professional and the space was so relaxing and wonderful.
— Luana J.
Carmen Shields is a natural Reiki Healer.
Her calm presence and gentle touch are the perfect conductors of healing energy.
During my session, I actually felt a surge of energy leave my body.
That is why she is known as The Torch!
— Kathryn Eriksen
“I had the fortune of enjoying 3 blissful reiki sessions with Carmen. She is a humble, heart centered practitioner with the gift of creating a sacred healing space with her client. I am a Healing Touch certified practitioner and instructor so I’m admittedly selective about who I receive healing sessions from. The time I spent on Carmen’s table was deeply healing and restorative. I highly recommend a Reiki session with Carmen!
— Kimberly K.
I am 9 months pregnant and just went and saw Carmen! I felt amazing afterwards and during the entire appointment. This was my first time and I hope to be back again soon
— Heather P.
My very first Reiki experience was with Carmen.
I was feeling slightly apprehensive at first, but once she began to place her hands on me,
my body and mind transitioned to a state of total relaxation and peace.
As if the ‘heaviness’ I had been carrying just floated away.
I could feel this healing energy flow through me, as well as all around me.
When the session was finished, I felt a restfulness, yet I was alive and energetic at the same time!
Carmen is truly amazing!
— Chris Maguire
I absolutely loved my Reiki session with Carmen. It was a beautiful experience. I felt well cared for and like her hands were magic. During the session I felt a lot of peace and clarity. Energy was moving through my body and I felt a lot of tingling in my head. I felt like I got a cleansing internal shower of love and light. It was absolute bliss. I highly recommend Carmen as a Reiki practitioner.
— Ashley Sibille

This was an amazing experience! I had never had Reiki before and I wasn’t sure what it would be like. It was really unbelievable! I went in all stressed out and left feeling calm and more like myself again. I’ve already booked my next session! Carmen is terrific!
— Jeanne R.
Carmen, I don’t even know how to thank you for my emergency long distance reiki session today. Managing my Spina Bifida and all its complexities is quite the challenge, and I tend to steer towards holistic treatments as often as possible. The fact that you answered my text on an early Sunday morning and took time out of your Sunday to help ease my debilitating pain speaks volumes to who you are both professionally and personally.

Before our session, the pain was debilitating. It hindered me from even standing up on my own without assistance, it hurt to sneeze, cough, and I literally couldn’t sit up on my own because I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow without assistance. That was a VERY frightening feeling to say the least. Not to mention, the pain in my neck and shoulder blade were incredibly debilitating.

As the hours pass, I am feeling more and more of that “stuck energy” leave my body through various sensations and temperature changes up my back, neck & arms. I’ve had many reiki sessions in my lifetime and by far your session with me today is one of the most effective sessions I’ve ever had.

From where I was before our session to now, I think it’s safe to say that you are truly gifted, my friend.
— Claudia